Monday, January 19, 2015

Beyond Meds - A Testimony of Bravery in The Midst of Psychiatric Drug Withdrawl

In our society today we have many people who are suffering from various forms of emotional and/or mental illnesses.  Many times rather than get to the root of what is causing these issues Doctors prescribe medications and patients agree to take them without really knowing what the side effects may be after long term use.  The scary thing is that the term "long term use" doesn't necessarily mean years and some cases these drugs are only meant to be used 2 to 4 weeks, yet Doctors allow patients to take these kind of drugs for years. Join me and Monica Cassani, creator of the popular blog Beyond Meds as she shares with us her remarkable story and subsequent journey to recover from protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal. Monica Cassani has seen the system from both sides – as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs. An amazing, inspiring  and very important broadcast that you don't want to miss!

Monica Cassini of the blog Beyond Med 

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