Indoor Weight Loss Options - How To Fight That Winter Weight Gain!!

There are days when we just don't want to get out there and move.  It might be cold, wet, or perhaps too sunny and hot.  Whatever the weather there is a way to still move and keep that weight from piling on.

I have always felt that if I move at least 30 minutes a day I will keep my weight down and stay in shape.   For the most part this is true but it take so much more than just 30 minutes a day.  It takes maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The good news is that attaining a healthy lifestyle is not has difficult as it might seem, especially when you have access to great resources and advice.

I just recently participated in a great 2015 Weight Loss Summit.  We had over 40 experts in the weight loss fields that shared some really great and different information we need to know to loose and keep those unwanted pounds off!

Here are some of the comments from the 2015 Weight Loss Summit

"My aha moments for today. Are you kidding me? I can’t even put my finger on that one today. Do I say Sugar Busters (Day 4, Cassandra) Yessssssssss! Oh wait a minute, I might should be saying Hungry for more (Day 4, Kimberly) ………..oh yeah. But………….Help I’m Not Losing Weight (Day 4, Tamara), Now that is more of a reality for me. In other words all were great today but I am partial to Coach Tam because I have personally met her, talk to her, consulted with her, and she is my inspiration for being on this summit. Awesome woman! Real person with real struggles."

"Three powerful women speakers today (Day 3, Joumana, Lynnis and Patricia). Being 57 yrs old Patricia spoke some things to me that are right in my back yard. I am so glad I purchased the entire summit to be used at my leisure.  (Here is my presentation that I am sharing with you for free!!)

The dental presentation (Day 2, Dr. Stukes) was oh my gosh unbelievable. The tapping (Day 2, Elsie) process was an awakening experience."

From nutrition, to emotional eating, to yoga, to fitness even dentistry, the 2015 Weight Loss Summit has a great variety of information that will help you loose weight and increase your health.

Click Here to get more information about the 2015 Weight Loss Summit (free tips!!) 

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