Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Embrace Your Gray...I have! I Had No CHOICE!

About  10 years ago I found out that I am allergic to hair dye.  Allllll hair dye.  When use hair dye I break out all over my face, my face swells to almost twice its size, and my scalp oozes.  It is not pretty...I look like a Startrak character.   Believe me I tried to get rid of my gray using all kinds of methods.   I was furious that I didn't have a choice in the matter and that over time I would be walking around looking old before  my time.  Boy did I have a "poor me" day when I finally decided that I had to find a way to live with myself gray hair and all.

After about a year of no dye, I began to have a surprising experience.  I was beginning to get more compliments with GRAY HAIR!!  I couldn't believe it.  People were coming up to me to tell me they loved my hair.  I even had one person come to me and ask me where did I go to get the gray streaks in my hair.  I mean really...SERIOUSLY?  I thought who would elect to be gray, who would put gray streaks in their hair.  I soon found out that actually a lot of women put gray streaks in their hair and surprisingly more women are allowing their gray hair to grow and FLOURISH.

Since my "embrace the gray" lifestyle I have never felt more attractive or secure about the way I look.  I feel like now I am even more unique!  Most importantly I have grown to be PROUD of my gray. I earned it.  My gray hair is a visual look into the 57 years God has blessed me to be on this earth.  My gray hair is a badge of honor. One that I wear proudly.

Bottomline...I am embracing my gray!

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