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This morning I woke up and immediately felt that "thing".  It is a feeling that feels like "anxiousness". It is very uncomfortable.  About 15 years ago, I couldn't even put a name to this feeling.  I really thought this is how all women feel when they wake up in the morning.  It feels like going straight down in a roller coaster with no restraints.  Back in the day, 15 years ago,  the only way I could stop the feeling was to have a cup of coffee.

Now, I know that part of that "anxious" feeling comes from an imbalance in my thyroid.  After going to my Doctor and also spending time with a good Therapist I have learned how to manage this feeling by improving my thyroid health.

Taking care of your thyroid health is critical. A balanced, optimally functioning thyroid is important to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, cardiovascular system, hormone production, glucose, protein, bone and cholesterol metabolism, red blood cell production, and gastrointestinal, liver function, gall bladder and brain function.

In my case the "anxious" feelings come partially from thyroid that doesn't always function properly resulting in my adrenals being out of whack. There are several things I have done holistically to help with my thyroid health.  I watch what I eat, stay away from caffeine (good by to coffee)and chocolate (that I crave when I get a bit anxious), breathe, and exercise. 

One of my most favorite moves to do to relieve my adrenals and to help with that "anxious" feeling are Yoga moves.   I did these moves this morning and within 15 minutes felt much better.  I also spent some time in meditation and prayer. Taking time to be quite and still help to drive away stress and keeps you calm.  Stress can also cause your adrenals to over work and it is important that you take time to be quite and meditate/pray at least once or twice a day.

Here are my two favorite yoga moves:

- Lay on your back or in a dorsal position.
- Keep both legs together and inhaling deeply raise both legs slowly.
- Using your palms to support your lower back raise your hips along with your legs.
- Keeping your elbows as support for your back raise your legs high till your hips, back and legs are vertically in one straight parallel line.
- The elbows will ensure support for the the shoulders and neck.
- In this position the Thyroid gland gets pressed by your chin.
- Ensure that your body alignment is vertical without tilting either left or right.
- Breathe normally while in this position and try to relax your body.
- Your entire body weight should be supported by your shoulders.
Best time: Early morning or evening.
Duration: Start with 2 mins and extend up to 10 mins.
- Thyroid gland and its hormones which regulate growth and development of all body systems and processes.
- Blood circulation, nerve stimulation and digestive system.

Sarvanga Asana


1st step:
- Lay on your back or in dorsal position.
- Get into lotus pose or Padma Asana (Place right leg on left thigh and left leg on right thigh).
- Fold your hands from the elbow behind your head and rest your head on folded arm like you keep your head on pillow.
2nd step:
- Lay on your back or in dorsal position.
- Get into lotus pose or Padma Asana (Place right leg on left thigh and left leg on right thigh).
- Hold left toe with right hand and right toe with left hand.
3rd step:
- Lay on your back or in dorsal position.
- Get into lotus pose or Padma Asana (Place right leg on left thigh and left leg on right thigh).
- Bend your head backwards from the neck such that you create an arc.
- Try to remain in this posture for at least minimum 15 secs initially. Increase duration as per capacity.
- Practice this asana soon after Sarbanga- asana to ease the pressure on the neck and tongue.
- Improves back muscles and strengthen back bone.
- Improves nervous system.

Matsya asana

There are also essential oils that can aide in your thyroid health.  I use one drop of frankincense under my tongue and rub 2 drops of frankincense and rosemary on my neck an thyroid area.

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