Four Unique Ways To Inspire and Motivate Yourself To Enhance Your Wellness and Your Life

The Wellness Journey-LIVE is all about way to heal and enhance our wellness for the mind,body and spirit.  There are three shows in particular that were very popular and I wanted to share them with you.  All three of these shows had something special and profound to say about how to stay inspired, motivated and well by using holistic techniques that will get results. 

I know these shows put fuel in my tank when I did them, I hope they do the same for you as well. (all of these shows can be found in the archive section at

Eat, Play and Love Yourself Healthy
Dina Garcia, RD,LDN shares how to have a good time this summer getting fit and taking good care of you!  Tune in for some great information on how to drop inches and pounds without dieting!  Find out how to plan simple meals that are delicious, healthy and fun to make.  We talk about how to make some small changes in your lifestyle when it comes to your weight and fitness, that will give you some BIG results!

How To Let Go of Negative Thought and Pursue Positive Breakthroughs
We all have negative thoughts that go through our minds in the course of the day.  Sometimes we can ignore them, other times they take their toll. How can we stop those negative thoughts and feelings from influencing how we feel about ourselves and others? Dawn Westmoreland, Breakthrough Coach, Hypnotherpaist, and Author of "Be Empowered -Whistle Blower" knows all to well what it is like to let those negative thoughts rule your life.  Listen in as Dawn shares her story of what she learned and how she broke free of negative thinking, self-doubt, and fear of failure.

How To Heal The Soul From Hurt, Pain and Trauma - Unique Techniques That Work
All of us have had traumatic events in our lives. Events that have in some cases hurt us to our very soul.  How does one heal from that sort of emotional trauma, that sort of emotional pain?
Listen in as we talk to two wonderful women who deal with the healing of the soul in two unique and different ways.  Dr. Katherine Kelly, a Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist, founder of Soul Health Travel, Author of "Soul Health, Aligning The Spirit of Radiant Living"  and Christi Turley Diamond, Life Coach, Essential Oils Educator, Author of "Aroma Heal- Simple Techniques for Emotional Healing with Essential Oils" share with us two different and unique ways that we can heal our souls.  Christi Turley Diamond will talk about using essential oils to aide in emotional healing, and Dr. Kathleen Kelly will talk about how the soul can heal by taking transformational travel vacations.

Learning To Love Yourself- Ways To Stop Negative Self-Talk and Low Self-Esteem
Studies show that we have have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day! Out of all of those thoughts 40,000 or more are negative.  How do we begin to change those negative self-thoughts? How do we learn to increase our self-esteem and decrease our self-doubt? Join us today as we talk to Jennifer Poulson, Health and Wellness Energy Coach, Certified Simply Healed Energy Practitioner.  about what we can do to change our thought patterns and learn to live a positive, joy filled life.


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