How To Set Your Day in a Positive Way! Tips to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

I have found that it is very important for me to start my day in a positive way. I have a routine that I have been doing for the last six years that have made such a difference in my life.  While it has involved a time sacrifice, it has ultimately been worth it when I think about what I have gained…a sense of peace, optimism and joy! There is also an added plus...starting your day in a positive way can slow the aging process! Keeping calm, enjoying life, and having a sense of peace always is great for combating stress, which is one of the main proponents of aging.

Here are a few suggestions  to start your day in a positive way.  All of these may not work for you but if you can incorporate some of them they will help you start your day in a less stressful way.  In order to get the full benefit of these suggestions it is a good idea to wake up 30 minutes earlier than what you normally do.  I know, I know, that sounds like a huge sacrifice.  Perhaps going to bed 30 minutes earlier will do the trick.  Maybe you might want to record that TV program you want to watch, or call your girlfriend on Saturday afternoon instead of staying up late to chat. Make a small sacrifice to go to bed earlier so that you can reap the huge rewards as your begin to start your day in a positive way.  

Where I go every morning to start my day in a positive way my prayer room
·        Lemon Water – the night before you go to be set next to your bed a glass of water with lemon.  Put a cloth over the top of the class and let it sit until the next morning.  Drinking lemon water when at room temperature when you first wake up is a wonderful way to get your metabolism going, to wake up your brain, and to feel invigorated as you get out of bed.
·        Prayer and Meditation – taking 10 to 15 minutes during the very first few minutes of your day is key to setting a tone of peace and serenity for the day.  Read your favorite scripture, or perhaps spend time meditating on an affirmation or visualization.  The purpose is to allow yourself to connect with you! Find your center.  Allow yourself to just be without thinking about all the things you have to do as the day progresses.  Take the time to connect with God and allow yourself to feel a sense of peace.
·         Movement – It is important to move during those first few minutes of the day.  Yoga is a wonderful low impact way to incorporate movement in your day.  An Asana such as the “Sun Salutation” is a great way to stretch the body, get the blood flowing to your vital organs, and give you a sense of well being to start the day.  Taking a brisk walk in the early morning air is invigorating, or perhaps you prefer a quick jog.  Whatever you decide to do for your daily am movement, use wisdom.  Do stretches (gentle ones) before walking. Listen to your body as you move; it will clue you in if you are pushing too much.

·        Gratitude Journaling – It is helpful to focus on the good things that are going on in your life first thing in the morning rather than all the bad things that are happening.  Journaling doesn’t have to take a long time. You might want to start with listing three things that you are grateful for…no matter how small.  The idea is to get your thought patterns on something positive, something that brings you joy and a sense of well being.  Even if your top three things are nail polish, deodorant, and your latest CD…write it down! You will be surprised how over the next few days your gratitude journaling will grow and become even more meaningful.

·        Music – Starting your morning with inspirational and uplifting music really sets the course for your day.  Whether you play it softly or turn it up and sing along at the top of your lungs, it’s an uplifting way to start the day.


   Time Savers for Setting Your Day As A Positive Way
·        Prepare you lemon water during the day and refrigerate. It’s a good idea to make at least 16 ounces of water.  Before you go to sleep take out of the refrigerator and set next to your night stand so you can drink it right away. A good combination to put in your water is  lemon slices, lime slices and cumber slices with mint . Make fresh everyday.
·        At night before you go to bed set out your scripture or quote you will be reading and meditating on the night before
·        Have your gratitude journal handy next to your bed so you can journal your initial gratitude thoughts
·        Cue up your music the night before that you are going to use for meditation time and/or workout time
·        Make sure you have your workout clothes and shoes ready to go if your movement includes a walk and/or run in the am.

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More great tips on how to start your day in a positive way. 


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