Take the Reins Back & Reignite Your World During The Newly Single YOU Summit

I have something special I want to share with you.
It’s big… it's abundant... and it will change your life.
I’ve been there – newly single after my divorce 15 years ago.  Having to make some life changing decisions then shifting to embrace that next brand new chapter. Searching different avenues to find that right support and de-clutter areas that no longer served me was never more important and enlightening.  Discovering the tools to reignite my world, find that light again and take the reins back is what was needed.  
Through a journey of self-discovery, perseverance and exploration, I began to up-level into such awareness and empowerment to fully start embracing, owning and fully rocking out the single world!   
I not only believe this, but I lived it, just like my friend, Jeannine Addonisio. That is why she has decided to host this incredibly inspiring event for the Single Women throughout the World Newly Single YOU
As soon as I saw Jeannine’s invitation to be a part of this Newly Single YOU Summit interview series, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.
I, along with a group of inspirational and motivational speakers, want to break it down for you. We want to share it all during Jeannine’s FREE 14-Day Online Interview Series:
the NewlySingleYOU
I want you to see... that you can do this too.
Jeannine and I will be teaching alongside other extraordinary experts, coaches, doctors, authors, and entrepreneurs. We are providing you with actionable tips, guidance, and tools that you can begin to integrate immediately to embrace your power right away.  We are also giving away dozens of FREE gifts, and helping you to:
⇒Break Free from the patterns that have kept YOU stuck in relationships
Relinquish unhealthy friendships maintaining only authentic support in the chapters ahead
Rediscover yourself and awaken the zest in your life
⇒Assemble and personalize your (EM) Power Tool Belt
Embrace Your Freedom and break the code to manifest your heart’s desires
Get INSPIRED by real life stories in 30-40 minute bite-size interviews: Experts get personal in conversation-style interviews as they share how they achieved empowerment, freedom and love in THEIR lives.
Click here, and join me for this FREE event:
Jump in with us! Our family of experts are living proof that you can break free from relationship patterns and awaken the zest in your life. Join us to Build the AWARENESSto create possibilities of having your own personal power tool belt of strength and empower yourself to be in a much better place this time next year.
Health and Blessings, Lynnis
P.S. Jeannine knows and has experienced the being the Newly Single Women at a point where she embraced the change, took the reins and catapulted to the most empowered level of making shifts that only lit her up!  She wants to make that shift easy for you to embrace the single world and discover as she did, how abundant such freedom can be!  This is why she is so passionate about empowering others to do the same. If she can do it, YOU can too…. Opportunities are here NOW to live the life you want!
So, come on over! Don’t find another reason to hold yourself back. Join us now, it’s FREE:  Newly Single YOU  and invite your friends! Together, we can all have the life we want. 


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