Monday, December 7, 2015

15 Tips To Keep You Healthy and Well During The Holidays

 Follow these simple practical tips and you can't go wrong when it comes to staying healthy during the holidays and beyond!

  • Don’t skip meals beforehand

  • Keep palate sizes and portions small

  • Drink mostly water and limit alcoholic drinks

  • Make time for daily exercise routines

  • Eat 70% vegetables and 30% other foods

  • Skip dressings, butter and gravy

  • Eat slowly and thoughtfully

  • Avoid stressful topics of conversation.

  • Schedule time alone to rest and recharge

  • Keep your spiritual disciplines

  • Avoid long hours watching TV or chatting

  • Trust and act on your inner guidance

  • Go for a walk after dinner

  • Be thankful and see lessons and blessings

  • Remember your are lovable and valuable. 

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