7 Spiritual Steps To Financial Abundance - Practical Steps That Lead You To An Abundant Life

About two weeks ago I decided to try something new. Something that might have seemed improbable but you never know if something is going to work unless you try...right?

I decided to implement 7 steps that will lead you to abundance and prosperity.  In the two weeks I have used this method I have received money unexpectedly, attracted new clients, and have been much more focused in the day to day activities of my business.  Usually I share with you tips on wellness, so why am I talking about financial abundance?  I think that financial abundance is definitely a part of our wellness.  If you are worried about your finances, stressed out about paying bills and not having enough money, eventually it does impact your wellness.

Below is daily practice that I have been doing every morning and throughout my day.  In her book  "The Path Way To Wealth - Seven Spiritual Steps For Financial Abundance" Ms. McCarthy really expounds on how to make each of these steps as effective as possible.  I am so excited about my results I wanted to share the steps with you.

The Step 1, 2 , 3 and 4 take place during the early part of the morning.  Step 5and 6 throughout the day. Step 7 at the end of the day.  To find out more about these steps and how to optimize your results get the book.  There is a wealth of information on how to effectively implement these steps.   Click here for the book. 

Step 1 - Read Something Inspirational

Step 2 - Write A Gratitude Letter For All You Are Thankful For & All The Abundance You Are Expecting As If It Has Already Happened

Step 3 - Read Your Gratitude Letter with Emotion

Step 4 - Imagine Experiencing Your Good

Step 5 - Expect Leads, Breakthroughs, Guidance and Follow Directions

Step 6 - Celebrate and Note Demonstrations                        

Step 7 - End Your Day With Gratitude

Click here for an interview with the author May McCarthy. She explains more about each of these steps.  Click here for her book "Path To Wealth - 7 Spiritual Steps To Financial Abundance"

click here to order book
 Click here for May's interview on The Wellness Journey Podcast Series  

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