5 Tips To Get Motivated and Inspired to SPRING Into Wellness and Holistic Living

It’s hard to believe that we are almost half-way through 2017!  Where has the time gone?  Many of us always start the new year with some goals on what we are going to do to improve our health. We all start off with a resolve that this will be OUR year to breakout and breakthrough to a healthier lifestyle!  But what normally happens is LIFE gets in the way.  We find ourselves overwhelmed with the reality of just LIVING and bit by bit our resolve begins to wane and before you know it we are back to where we started.

Don’t feel bad …this is so common.  It happens to me too.   BUT, the good news is that it’s all about how you finish not how you start.  Here are 5 tips I want to share to help you get the motivation and inspiration to start and maintain your wellness goals.

• Set One Goal First …Work It, Achieve It, Maintain It – sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. When it comes to achieving a change when it comes to our health it easier to come up with your top five goals and then plan on achieving one goal at a time.  I know we are all wonderful multi-taskers but trying to achieve several goals at once doesn’t work. I know …I have tried. I learned in 2016 to write it all my goals down, prioritize them, and then select the first one and GO FOR IT.  When it comes to making lifestyle changes that will get you to a healthier lifestyle this is the best way to go.

• Get a Dream Keeper – Find someone you trust, who knows what your goals are, and asked them to be your Dream keeper.  Your dream keeper champions you, encourages you, helps to gently keep you on track without making you feel like, once again you are failing.  You share with your dream keep your goals, your frustrations with achieving your goals.  You Dream Keeper is the one you call when you feel like you are not making progress.  Your Dream Keeper is the on that uplifts you and celebrates you when you succeed. Trying to make significant changes in our lives without a dream keeper is more challenging.  Find that Dream Keeper and watch how more quickly you achieve your goals.

• Journal – I know you have heard this before but I must tell you that journaling is powerful.  It will help you to stay focused. Write down your successes. Focus on what you did, no matter how small that helped you achieve your goal. Journaling will remind you what you accomplished. Journaling will help you move toward accomplishing your goal.  You don’t have to write a book each time. Just perhaps a paragraph or so.  Journaling is one way to check in with yourself.  You will be surprised when you look back on what you have written in a month, how much you have grown.  and in many cases how quickly you achieved that one goal and are now ready for the next goal.

• Surround Yourself With Like Minds – If you are trying to increase your walking, or increase your intake of healthy foods you don’t want to hang out with sedentary snack food eaters.  Making a change to a more holistic and well lifestyle is an opportunity to find new friends who have similar goals.  This doesn’t mean that you leave behind your friends you have known for years, but it does mean that you whenever you make a change it’s an opportunity to make other changes in your life…like finding new friends who are interested in making the change with you.

• Be Kind To Yourself
– Many times the goals we set are challenging.  There are times when you might feel like giving up, or you might “backslide” and go back to habits that you are trying to break.  When this happens give yourself a break. Don’t beat up on yourself. Affirm yourself by remembering what you have accomplished, what you have done so far toward your goal. Making a change for the better in anything you do in life, is a process. Sometimes a long, frustrating, and difficult process, but a process that will inevitably change your life for the better.

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