Rituals to Holistically Transform Your Life and Your Interior Space

When we talk about wellness for the mind, body, and spirit we sometimes forget that wellness encompasses all parts of our lives.  Our home and/or office environment is an important part of our wellness.  The colors we use, the positioning of the furniture, the aromas we smell, the kinds of pictures and paintings on the wall, the overall energy of the room can make an impact on how we feel in our mind, body, and spirit.  Sherry Burton-Ways, Principal Designer and CEO of SBW Aligned Expressions shares with us holistic ways we can make our living environment in a sanctuary of wellness for our mind, body, and spirit.

Listen as Sherry shares with us ways we can holistically enhance our interior space and our lives 

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series - Changes and Transitions 
Rituals to Holistically Transform Your Life and Your Interior Space

Sherry Burton-Ways is the Principal Designer and CEO of SBW Aligned Expressions. She coaches, designs and train her clientele using design psychology, color therapy, Feng Shui, and Eco-friendly design principles help them to understand what is blocking them in their lives by looking at the spaces they occupy.   Sherry’s develops strategies to create the results they want in their interior while simultaneously transforming their lifestyles.  The results of her work have been phenomenal and she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their dreams, goals, and intentions through their interior and lifestyle choices.  Sherry’s mission is to create alignment between the Aligned Expressions Design experience with beautifully-expressed, productive, nurturing and functional interior environments.   Her philosophy is that all interiors should evoke a grounding balance of function,  flow, and feel for all occupants and their space.   Sherry’s perspectives have been featured in Forbes.com, Essence Magazine, Popsugar, Organic Life Magazine, Buzzfeed and the Washington Post to name a few.

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