Do One Thing - Tips to Improve Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Vitality As We Move Toward Mid-Life

Over the last 15 year Julia Scalise, DN, PhD listened to her clients say there were feeling overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities and financial challenges.  This feeling of overwhelm also began to interfere with there health and wellness goals.   As a result, Julia decided to write a book “do One Thing – 31 Easy Tips to Improve Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Vitality”.  A book that shares wonderful information about to ultimately feel better and live better.
During our interview, Julia shares some of these tips.  You will be surprised how simple yet impactful they are.    Julia has helped 100’s of clients using these tips and other techniques to help them eliminate underlying causes of health issues, discover ways to improve emotional wellbeing, attain a more positive outlook on life, and to ultimately find their bliss.


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