10 Holistic Ways To Enhance Your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection in Mid-Life

I have discovered in mid-life the importance of self-care and doing those things that are necessary to increase my mind, body, spirit connection.  I  have learned that if I am not feeling well in my spirit, it impacts my body and my mind.  If I am not well in my body, my spirit and mind suffer.  The reality is that we need to strive to be well in our mind, body, and spirit.  Here are a few ways to help you connect more with your mind, body, and spirit.  By practicing these holistic steps, you check in with yourself, make the necessary adjustments, and continue to nurture that mind, body, and spirit connection.

Walk It Off
 - Adding a quick walk to your day can help relieve that holiday stress. Getting outside in nature and taking a brisk walk does wonders for alleviating stress. Try taking a quick 15-minute walk to energize you and boost your mood.

Restore and Reenergize Your Body - Needs some extra energy? Drink a green smoothie, it will give your body the much-needed nutrients you need to stay healthy especially during busy times.  click here for a free great green smoothie cookbook

 Visualize Your Vision – It’s important that we take the time to visualize how we want our lives to be. Putting pictures on the wall that motivate you to move forward in your life, or actually creating a vision board go a long way in solidifying in your mind the dreams, goals, and objectives you want to accomplish.

Wind Down - Take a nap.  Our days are very busy y but it really is okay to take a break during the day.  Take a power nap for about 15 during the day.  You will be refreshed, renewed and reenergized.  The 15 minutes of downtime can go a long way to ultimately increase your up time.

Move Your Body - We are not stuck figures. Our bodies were created to move ….so MOVE. Stress can really cause your body to stiffen up  It’s important to stretch during the day. Get up and exercise at your desk.  Don’t allow yourself to sit longer than 20 minutes without standing up and stretching.  Look for opportunities for movement throughout your day.  The feel-good hormones start going and you will feel great!

Gravitate Toward Gratitude -  There are many things to be thankful. Write a thank you note to a co-worker, neighbor or friend.  It feels great to show someone else appreciation.  Doing something kind for someone else is a great way to usher in more kindness, gratefulness, and thankfulness in your world and the world overall. 

Take a Whiff - Researchers have concluded that the smell of citrus boost feelings of well-being and alleviates stress by upping levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that affects mood. Try carrying around a bottle of lemon essential oil.  Just take a whiff and feel an uplift in your overall mood. 

Learn The Art of Saying No - Many requests are made of us...sometimes too many. It really is okay to say "no". We all have limitations and trying to meet everyone's needs and expectations can cause a great deal of stress. Remember that you need to first take care of you and then take care of everyone else. Start saying "no " to those requests you know you can't do. 

Laughter-. Don't forget to take the time to laugh!.  Laughter gets the feel-good hormones going and is good for your health.  Take the time to have a good laugh every day. You will feel better.

DeTox Your Digital - the buzzing and incessant ringing of cell phones cause stress.  It is okay to change your notifications, you don't need to know every time someone posted on Facebook or Twitter. Also, change the ringtones to silent for some of your other alerts. All these alerts on our phone keep us in a mode of fight or fright. Each time one of those alerts/notifications go off our adrenaline starts going. Give yourself a break and turn off those alerts/notifications

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