How to Fight Fat In Mid-Life With Nutrition

I am becoming an expert on fat burning.  This is surprising because most of my life I was teased for being "skinny".  I used to double my pants, stuff my bra, and take "Weight On" pills to try to gain weight.  I remember my Mother telling me "Lynnis just wait until you get older you will appreciate the whole 'skinny' thing".  Well, Mommy, you were right!!

I literally woke up one morning and I was 20 lbs heavier - at least that is what it felt like.  I had just turned 48 and  I got on the scale and could not believe what I saw.  Where did the extra pounds come from?  At first, I enjoyed the new curves I had but when another 10 lbs came a year later I realized that I was now engaged in the battle of burning the fat.

Now I understand there are a plethora of reasons as to why we gain weight once in mid-life.  The good news is there are so many things we can do to combat this onslaught of fat after 40.  It takes a combination of nutrition, working out, and reducing stress to get rid of the fat!

In my latest issue of Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Nutritionist and Fitness Expert Beck Tucker talks about what you can do to beat the belly fat war!  In her article "Fight Fat With Nutrition", Becky shares some great information that will help you overcome the battle of the bulge.

Check out her article on page 5

Have you tried to get your weight under control, but the more you try the more difficult it is to lose those extra pounds?
Do your friends tell you "well that’s just what happens as you age?"
Do you often stare in the mirror and wonder, who is this woman?
Do you secretly believe:
  • It's really hard to release weight in mid-life?
  • Nothing can be done about the flab on my arms, waist, and buttocks?
  • Gravity happens and barring surgery, nothing can be done?


You don’t have to accept the extra weight gain, you don’t have to accept the flab, and you don’t have to accept the way you are feeling.
You can say YES to:
  • Dropping the inches and pounds
  • Firming up your arms, buttocks and defining your tummy
  • Feeling positive, upbeat and energetic
There is a way to release weight, get fit, and stay healthy in mid-life.  
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