Do You Have The Turkey Bloat Blues

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I certainly did, all my family was together!  We had a great time
The day after Thanksgiving, however, I stayed in bed for an entire 24
hours.  I didn't shop, I didn't read, just stayed in bed and Netflix watched me.
And I felt a little guilty.   The following day I felt like a million bucks,
with a fresh new step and perspective. I began to take the steps necessary to transform my self-care.

It's so important, as women, that we honor the flow of our mind, body, and spirit. Too often we just keep, going, going, going, without giving much thought to our own self-care.   Thanksgiving and the holiday season, in general, is a time of joy and peace and gratitude, and it is also a time of stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and overeating.

In fact, by the Sunday after Thanksgiving many of us are feeling sluggish, tired, having issues getting a good night sleep, a bit stressed and perhaps a little bit tighter around the waistline!  I call this the Turkey Bloat Blues.

Here are a few tips on what Keisha and I do to get rid of the Turkey Bloat

As you can see Keisha and I have decided to take control of our over mind, body spirit wellness.

We are taking control of our self-care and doing the things that are within
our power from a holistic standpoint to stay vibrant, energized, and fit. No pills no crash diets, no starvation! 

What do you do to get more energy, drop those unwanted pounds and inches, get rid of feelings of overwhelm and brain fog?  

Total Wellness Transformation addresses all of those concerns and more.

Total Wellness Transformation is a weight release and wellness program that is based on holistic practices, movement, and spiritual renewal. The best thing is that it works!!

We know Black Friday is over. Small Business Saturday has passed and Cyber Monday came to an end. But, the good news is that Total Wellness Transformation Week has just begun!  That's right, for the next week (until December5th)  we are offering this awesome course at a 50% discount.  There is no time like the present to get started taking better care of you AND with lifetime access, you can use the information in this program again and again.

Stop putting off addressing your unwanted pounds and inches, fatigue, brain fog, and sleeplessness.  The time is now to enhance your wellness and your life.



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