How To Achieve Everyday Peace - A Mid-Life Strategy

In the hustle and bustle of the approaching holiday season, it helps to know how to slow it down a bit and how to learn to establish some peace in your day.  In fact, as we age and design our mid-life strategy it helps to add that strategy on how to achieve a sense of peace - even when things are crazy! 

On "The Wellness Journey Podcast Series - Living YOUR Life Like It's Golden" the topic is about attaining everyday peace. 

Our guest, Dr. Dravon James is an author, inspirational speaker, and author of Freedom is Your Birthright. She is the founder of Everyday Peace, a platform for her to help and inspire others to build a life that they love. Using her successful pharmacist skills, she brings light into other’s lives by sharing her Everyday Peace message. Dravon’s goal is to educate, empower and inspire others to build the life of their dreams no matter what shows up in their lives- good, bad, or otherwise.

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