Tips To "UnStick" Negativity's Impact On Your Mind, Body and Spirit

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Take the opportunity to have joy!

It seems these days that there is so much negativity.  It can at times not just be overwhelming but just plain energy-draining to listen to all the negative news and to hear people continually complaining.    I am not saying that some of this complaining and negativity isn't warranted but what I am saying we don't have to let it impact our lives in an adverse manner.

Studies have shown that ongoing negativity in our lives can eventually create chronic stress, upset our hormonal balance, deplete brain chemicals that help us to feel happy, and damage the immune system.   All of this can decrease our ability to live a long and healthy life.

But, the good news is, there are things you can do to get rid of the impact negativity has on your life.   All of these suggestions can help you flip the script on negativity and get in a more positive frame of mind.  Not only will you start to feel better emotionally but these suggestions can help improve any health problems you may have that are tied to chronic stress.

In my FB Live show "Lynnis Minutes" I give a summary of things you can do stamp out negative energy's ability to impact your overall mind, body, spirit wellness.

Getting "UnStuck" From Negativity (click here if unable to view video)

Key Points To Get "UnStuck" From Negativity 
  • Learn to stay present. Stop thinking about the past and obsessing over the future
  • Focus on what is going on that is positive in your life and the lives of your loved ones
  • Practice gratitude - find things to be grateful for every day
  • Get active - try new experiences
  • Look for the good and be positive 
  • Let go of what is upsetting you and move forward 
  • Get moving - exercise is always a great distraction
  • Change your perspective and find another more positive way of looking at life 

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